Photo of Esther laughing.

Building Pathways:
Esther’s Story

I have multiple health issues, and in January 2017 I knew that I needed to get my health back on track immediately. I needed a pathway back into health—I didn’t want to lose my legs, go blind, or face kidney failure. 

In January 2017 I was able to enter East Side’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). I was placed at East Side in the Human Resources team. I found out about East Side’s Vital Aging (EVA) programming, and was able to take health classes (Living Well with Diabetes and Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Balance) where I learned to acknowledge my feelings and write down my goals. I learned how to plan meals, including the importance of portion and serving sizes. I learned to daily monitor my blood sugar levels. Now I have more energy and am not as tired as I used to be.

With the extra energy I gained from better managing my health, I was able to take responsibility for managing payroll for SCSEP. I feel like I am growing in a career I enjoy. East Side has supported me to find a new job I love, the resources I needed to manage my health, and an opportunity to engage in meaningful community.