Vital Living

Vital Living supports an intergenerational community that focuses on health and well-being for all generations.

We serve older adults through:

  • Resources: Tools for Staying Independent

  • Classes: Maintain your Well-being

  • Events: Lifelong Learning

  • Caregiving Services: Gain Emotional and Practical Support

  • Engagement: Connect through Volunteering

For more information call 612.787.4086 or email

Memoirs of Memory

Memoirs of Memory is our summer 2019 dementia awareness collaborative art project. The project was a great success with the release of 3 “zines”—small circulation, self-published works of art. This project sought to give voice and an artistic outlet to those living with dementia, their care partners, parents, children, and everyone who wanted to contribute to the art in the community.

Digital versions of the zines can be accessed below, and if you are interested in getting a hard copy, contact Carmel at 612-787-4086 or

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