Menlo Park Academy 

Providing students with a safe, supportive learning environment where students are treated with respect and viewed as individuals with their own particular learning styles and social needs.


  • We offer a full range of subjects required for graduation, each with a focus on high-interest, real-life learning. Classes are designed to meet the needs of a varied spectrum of learners. Classes are designed to meet the needs of visual, linguistic, kinesthetic, auditory and interpersonal learners.
  • Courses reach from basic skills to college prep work.

  • Class size varies from eight to twenty students.

  • Students are able to make up credits through independent study projects and out-of-school employment.

  • Credit-earning internships are available through the programs of East Side Neighborhood Services to connect students with the community and careers.

  • Our work with AchieveMPLS helps keep our students focused on the goal of learning after high school. Staff provide assistance to seniors and their families as they go through the steps of moving on to college or technical programs. These include financial aid resources, application assistance, college visits and career guidance.  

  • The staff encourages students to keep in touch and to use them as a resource as they move out into the world.

Personal Growth         

  • Our Advisory Program provides each Menlo Student with additional support. Advisors track class credits, maintains parent contact, calls students if they are absent and helps the student with class choices and goals. Advisors coach students as they gain good problem-solving skills on issues ranging from school, jobs and family. Finally, advisors are liaisons for students to other staff in the case of conflict, and are advocates for students' needs.

  • The Advisory Group experience focuses on social emotional learning. We talk about getting to know yourself, being part of a group and communication.

  • Additionally, a full time social worker is available for student and family concerns. The social worker offers a variety of support groups on site for students and helps students link to outside resources.

  • We uphold a zero policy for fighting.

Some General Information

  • Menlo Park Academy is North Central Association accredited secondary diploma school serving 70 students each year. It is a registered alternative high school through the Minneapolis Public Schools.
  • The program is focused for students in 10th to 12th grade up to the age of 21 who are seeking a high school diploma. Ninth graders are considered after their first semester in high school.
  • Bus tokens are provided for students living more than two miles from school. MTC City Bus Route 11 stops in front of the school building.
  • Our school day lasts from 8:00am to 2:45 pm.
  • School breakfast and lunch programs are available.
  • Childcare is available to students with children. East Side Neighborhood Services operates the accredited Northeast Child Development Center for infant through pre-kindergarten children. Call (612) 787-4025 or see website for more information.

How to Enroll

To enroll, contact Helen Henly at (612) 787-4016 to be placed on the waiting list. There will be monthly informational meetings and an application to complete. The placement may be immediate or take up to two trimesters, depending on space and demand.

Keeping Families Involved

Families are very important to the life of our school. They receive a mailed update on their student's progress every three weeks. Parents/guardians are always welcomed to call for more frequent updates or to schedule a meeting with advisors or social worker to help ensure their student's success. Families are also invited to a Family Feast each quarter to celebrate the student community of Menlo.

Closing Thoughts from our Students

Menlo Park is a great school. It gives you the opportunity to achieve your goals...If you fell off the education wagon before, Menlo is the perfect place for a second chance to help you get back on track.

-Anonymous Menlo Senior

"It's a smaller environment with more one-on-one attention...and everyone is very respectful to each other."

-Anonymous Menlo Senior 


Helping individuals, strengthening families, building community
This information is available in alternative formats for people with disabilities
by calling 612-781-6011 (voice) or by using your preferred relay service.

East Side Neighborhood Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer/Service Provider
1700 Second Street NE • Minneapolis, MN 55413 • 612-781-6011

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