There is something for everyone at camp! Campers can learn safe swimming skills from certified instructors, engage in outdoor sports, create various forms of nature art, and gain new skills in fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking, or archery — just to name a few.

Even though each day at camp is different, we do have a routine to help everyone settle in. This year, we've altered the schedule a little and added a new supervised choice activity. We highly value student choice and also want to make sure parents and campers feel safe and supervised throughout the daily activities!

8:00 AM  Breakfast and Flag Raising

8:45 AM KPs and Cleanest Cabin Award

9:30 AM  Supervised Choice Activities

10:00 AM  Outdoor Living Skills and Environmental Education

12:45 PM Lunch

2:00 PM  Rest Hour

3:15 PM  Supervised Choice Activities

4:30 PM  Free Swim!

6:00 PM  Dinner

7:00 PM  Cabin Activity Time

8:00 PM  All Camp Event

9:00 PM  Snack, Showers, Cabin Reflection

Breakfast and Flag Raising: Campers roll out of bed, clean up in the bathhouse, and head down to the lodge for breakfast. Campers sit with their cabin group, counselor, and Junior Staff, practicing table manners and having group conversation while they eat. Breakfast is served family style and includes a nutritious, well-balanced meal.

The flag raising camp tradition emphasizes our five core values — discovery, dignity, fun, nature, and belonging. Every day a different cabin group takes a turn raising the flag at our central gathering space. The group leaders share an example of how they have practiced one of the five core values during their time at camp, and then they lead the group in a 1-minute exercise challenge.

KPs: KPs are jobs that each cabin group rotates to practice stewardship at camp. These tasks might include picking up litter on the beach, sweeping the dining room, emptying garbage, or tidying the bathhouse. By completing KPs, campers not only help us keep camp clean, but they also gain ownership over their space. Plus, the “Clean Cabin Award” is awarded every day to the cabin group that did the best job tidying up after themselves.

Supervised Choice Activities: During this time, campers can attend one or all of the activities offered — fishing, canoeing, archery, tomahawk throwing, crafts, or team-building activities. All are led by trained staff members.

Outdoor Living Skills and Environmental Education: During this time, specialty staff lead a variety of activities for campers, including swimming lessons, outdoor living skills, team challenge course, target sports, and a hands-on environmental education program.

Lunch: During lunch, our Program Coordinator announces the Clean Cabin Award, and campers participate in team-building activities. One of our favorite exercises is the "Gratitude Jar," which gives us the opportunity to thank other campers or staff who have helped us or made our experience at camp great.

Rest hour: Campers rejuvenate in their cabins or a quiet outdoor spot by napping, reading, or doing another relaxing individual activity.

Free swim: Back in the water again! This time, the entire camp swims together. Free swim is supervised by the Water Front Director (who is a Water Safety Instructor), Lifeguard, and staff (all are trained in Basic Water Rescue). Free swim is almost always our campers' favorite activity.

Dinner: At each meal, we continue practicing table manners through a family style meal. Staff engage campers in conversation about their day and foster connections between campers. Staff also keep an eye out for any campers who may be feeling homesick.

Cabin activity time: Each cabin chooses an activity for the afternoon, such as a team challenge course activity, hiking, picking blueberries, or visiting the craft cabin for a new art project.

All-camp event: On their first night at camp, all campers participate in opening campfire — an evening when they learn camp songs and hear the traditional story of our camp mascot, the hodag. Every night afterwards, the entire camp gets together for a group event like a game of capture the flag or hounds and hares. 

Snack, Showers, and Cabin Reflection: We know that because campers are active throughout the day, they need several opportunities to refuel. Not only are fruits available at any time during the day, but we also end every night with an optional snack. Staff make sure that campers are ready for the night — showers taken, teeth brushed, PJ’s on, tick check done, and ample time to wind down. Staff lead sharing circles or read stories to the group to help everyone relax so that they're ready for another full day of fun when the sun comes up!



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