The Friendship Center
Through the State Arts Board in partnership with Kairos Dance, we are able to present this video about the Friendship Center.

East Side's Adult Day Program - Friendship Center serves those who are at risk of being marginalized by age and the changes in cognitive and/or physical functional capacity due to the onset of disease, disability or just normal aging. 

  • Adult Day is able to ease isolation creating opportunities for older adults to stay engaged. active and involved in their own lives and in their communities.  Aging in place with support of nurturing opportunities for meaningful engagement is a critical component of the adult day community. 

  • In our adult day community participants remain lifelong learners, rekindling passions, engaging in programs together and making friends as they experience their own aging process with confidence and enlightenment. The experience of being part of a community group that comes together several times a week to engage in health enhancement activities and wellness services is empowering and brings dignity to the aging process
  • Professional staff and volunteers build on "the presenting strengths" of participants to positively influence their aging experience.
  • Special events and supported engagement enables ongoing participation in mainstream community experiences such as: therapeutic swimming at Courage Center; tours at Minneapolis Institute of Arts; Climb Theater's improvisation workshops; creative arts; story telling; daily walks to experience the flower/vegetable garden; and modified exercise or access to the gym.
  • Dialogues about one's experiences with aging, exploring feelings about aging and sharing ideas - in the context of the wisdom that each older adult has gained through their life experience - enables participants to support and encourage each other. 
  • Adult day often provides the caregiver a much needed break from care-giving, access to resources and the inspiration and support they need to continue the role of caregiver. 
  • Adult day is financially responsible and can be the "linchpin" of support that extends an older adult's life in the community of their choice. 

Friendship Center Licensed Adult Day Program welcomes adults and seniors to a community that offers a holistic approach to programmed activities that enables each individual to flourish. Our expert staff helps provide a safe and healing environment giving respite to loved ones and peace-of-mind to caregivers during day time hours.

Our unique small group setting provides an individual, goal approach to health and well-being. Each ‘Friend’ has the opportunity to choose programming that meets their needs while building friendships and creating community connections. The result is a nurturing environment with boundaries that spares no limit.

The focus of this program includes:

Comprehensive Quality Care
  • Holistic approach to individualized care focusing on mind, body, spirit
  • Integrative programming includes the creative arts, nutrition, fitness and exercise, community activities and outings, games and discussion groups
  • Experience Certified Specialists
  • Transportation Available

Health and Nutrition

  • Licensed Dietitian
  • Nursing and Health Services
  • Guided Exercise
  • Therapeutic Swim
  • Support Groups
  • Support services and referrals

What our seniors say about Friendship Center:
  • "A wonderful place filled with kind-hearted people."
  • "I used to sit at home worrying and lonely. Now I have friends to visit and I forget my troubles."
  • "My doctor says I need a program like this."
  • "I didn't know if I would like it. Now I go everyday."
  • "I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of Friendship Center."
  • "I wish we would have known about adult day earlier... for not wanting to come iin the beginning, I now need to post a note on the bathroom mirror on Saturday and Sunday saying 'there is no Friendship Center today!'"
  • "Friendship Center is the best place ever."
Located across from the East Side Neighborhood Services:
  • 1717 Second St. NE,
  • Minneapolis, MN 55413

Contact us for more information!

Hobo Queens and Hobo guests at Friendship Center
We would like to thank our friends who used to ride the rails as they were
able to come and share their story and their history at Friendship Center.   
The visitors included the current Queen of the Hobos Miss Cindy Lou,
Past Queen of the hobos Minneapolis Jewel, Tuck,
and J.P.

We were honored with Hobo songs, singing, music on the guitar, stories of jumping/riding on the freight trains back in the 50’s. We were shown symbols that were and still are used within the Hobo community, such as “nice lady lives here”, “train pickup ahead”, “safe area”, and “jail ahead, don’t stay here!”. Our Hobo friends brought us kerchiefs and Hobo money. We were also given a cake with a picture of a train on the track. Above it said, “All aboard the Friendship Train”!  It was not only fun to look at but great to eat! Minneapolis Jewel informed us about the
making of Mulligan Stew at the Convention.

We also learned that the Hobo Convention still exists each year in Britt, Iowa. Many Hobo’s from across the country return, elect new royalty, and visit with dear friends and visitors who attend the Convention. This year the “Annual Hobo Convention” and “Hobo Days” is set for August 5-9. You can join them in Britt, Iowa for a fun weekend. There are many camping sites available in the area. 

Again, thanks to our dear Hobo Friends who were able to
provide such a fun experience for our seniors.

Friendship Center Royalty Love a Parade!
The Friendship Center Royalty was elected In May. Those elected were: King Kenny, Queen Margarette, Prince James, and Princess Elaine. King Kenny and a past Royalty, Queen Mary, were able to represent the Royalty by participating in the Northeast Parade on June 16. King Kenny was thrilled to be honored in such a way. He was pushed down the street with his crown and scepter, greeting and receiving great applause from the crowds. Kenny states he felt honored to wave to everyone and to be elected during ESNS's centennial year. Kenny has been with Friendship Center for 18 years. Congratulations to all Friendship Centers Royalty.

Thank YOU Transitional School!
In December 2014 the Friendship Center received a phone call from Nancy Youngman, a teacher at the Minnesota Transitional Charter School, stating that their student council was having a penny drive and wanted the Friendship Center to be the recipient of their efforts. Several of the classrooms visited our center throughout December singing songs and saying "Hello". In January, the entire student council came to visit and presented the Friendship Center with 8,500 pennies! That's $85! The students also offered hugs to seniors. All the Friendship Center participants want to thank the youth for their kindness and friendship. We look forward to a great partnership with the youth in the future. The money will go toward a special art project yet to be determined. We hope to invite some of the youth to join us. 



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