The Family Healing Program at East Side Neighborhood Services provides an 18-week, outcome-based educational series for individuals who are court-mandated or voluntarily seeking nonviolent conflict resolution skills. The program is structured so that participants struggling with domestic violence or anger management issues accept responsibility for their actions and demonstrate lasting, long-term behavioral change. 

The Family Healing Program adheres to all Minnesota Domestic Abuse Counseling Program Requirements set by the State Statute 518B.02.


To accept responsibility for abusive and violent actions.

To identify various forms of abuse (verbal, sexual, physical, emotional, psychological).

To practice self-control rather than using power and control to intimidate or manipulate others.

To develop positive and rational ways to talk to oneself.

To understand the long-term, negative impact of abusive behavior on relationships with one's partner, children, and other family members.

To expressing feelings non‑abusively and meet emotional and physical needs without violence.

To develop healthy communication skills rather than yelling, throwing things, breaking furniture, threatening, or using the silent treatment.

To identify various stressors and learn to deal with them effectively through relaxation.

To alter society's image of what it means to be a man and lessen the stress of trying to maintain these expectations.

To respect women's rights to express feelings and opinions, have their own friends, participate in activities without their partner's involvement, without receiving judgment or abuse.

To develop a support network, beginning with group members, to reduce the stress of relying on one's partner alone to meet one's needs.

To examine attitudes, goals, and expectations for current and future relationships with women in an effort to stop abusive and violent behaviors.

To understand the negative consequences of abusive and violent actions on parenting.

To understand how abuse of alcohol or drugs can lead to an increase in abusive and violent behavior.

To understand how growing up as an abused child can impact current behavior.


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