Who can attend camp? Where do campers stay?

Our programs are for campers 8-14. Boys and girls attend at the same time and are housed in separate cabins in different parts of camp. 15-18 year olds may be eligible for our CIT/ Jr. Staff program. 


What is the food like at camp?

Our food is delicious and nutritious! All meals are prepared by our kitchen staff and served family-style in the dining hall, where each table is staffed with one or two staff members. Along with lots of food variety, we offer snacks throughout the day, and we are well-prepared to accommodate a range of nutritional needs.

Camp Bovey serves nutritious meals to children without an additional charge to you. This is possible because federal reimbursement is received for meals served in accordance with regulations governing the USDA Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). To document eligibility for these funds, statements of household size and income must be obtained from parents or guardians. This information is kept confidential.


What if my child takes medication or requires immediate medical attention?

Camp Bovey has a health center and a nurse who handles day-to-day services and needs. Our medical director reviews our treatment procedures annually, and we make arrangements with the local emergency services before summer begins to ensure swift medical attention if needed.

What is the Counselor-in-Training program?

Our Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program is a leadership program that teaches teens ages 15-18 how to be a strong leader and a compassionate role model. Participants begin the process even before heading to camp by meeting with the Camp Director throughout the year. To learn more about becoming a CIT, click here. To become a CIT, follow the Camper Registration Application process.

Have more questions or want to speak directly with our Camp Director, Kathy Kolosky?  Contact her directly at (612) 787-4030.



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