Behavior Expectations

Please carefully read the section Is Camp Bovey right for my child? in the FAQ [PDF] before registering so that you and your camper are set up for success. Behaviors that could result in asking you to pick up your camper the same day may include:

  • Racist language
  • Mistreatment of other campers or staff based on their gender identity, preferred pronouns, sexuality, body shape, or body features
  • Sustained, unrelenting negative language directed at staff or other campers
  • Intentionally hurting another camper or staff
  • Intentionally embarrassing or making another camper or staff feel bad about themselves
  • Intentionally causing damage to the local wildlife, buildings, camp supplies, or someone else’s private belongings
  • Sexual misconduct such as touching another person’s private parts or touching someone else in a way that makes them feel undue discomfort or without their permission
  • Interactions with another camper in the shower or while changing clothes that makes the other camper feel undue embarrassment or shame about their body
  • Extreme sadness or dissatisfaction that has persisted without improvement for more than two consecutive days

In certain situations, you may be asked to pick up your child immediately (within that same day). If you cannot pick up your camper within that same day, we will transport them to Minneapolis for you and we will charge the payment method you used during registration a fee of $595. This charge helps us meet some of our associated transportation costs.


Campers should not bring anything with a screen to camp (besides old models of Kindles or Nooks without WiFi). This policy also excludes music devices such as iPods, even older models without screens. Please do not allow your camper to pack these. If campers mistakenly bring a screened device, staff will hold it for the camper over the week.

Please remember that Camp Bovey is not responsible for lost or damaged items, and because the campground is so far from the Twin Cities, there is not a lost and found system after the camp session ends. Check your camper’s luggage carefully to protect your investment in these products.

Cabin assignment requests

During registration, campers may request to be together. Campers within 2 years apart may be placed together, but age spans beyond 2 years are not permitted (even sibling groups). This helps campers create meaningful relationships with others who are experiencing similar developmental milestones as they are.

All cabin assignments are made one full week in advance of the camp session in order for the counselors to plan appropriately for the upcoming session. Cabin requests are made on a first come, first serve basis. Any later changes to the cabin groups are made at the full discretion of the Camp Director.



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